Contemporary Portrait Painter

Critically acclaimed portrait artist Malayka Gormally paints intimate and contemporary portrait paintings. For her own studio work, Gormally focuses on friends and family. For commission work, Gormally creates portraits for wedding couples, prominent families, business leaders, and contemporary art collectors on both coasts and in Europe. Gormally's work was pre-selected for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition 2014, London. Her artwork has been selected for the Spring 2015 edition (volume29) of Studio Visit Magazine, a series of juried artist books.

What makes Gormally's portraits different? Her portraits have been praised as "really keen and intimate" (Robert C. Morgan, Art Critic, New York),  and loved by clients: "When I saw my daughter's portrait I almost couldn't breathe, it was so beautiful."  

For commission portraits, you can submit photographs for to work from, or Gormally will do a photography session at your home.       

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